Youtube video view count not updating

Put simply: if you don’t use Chrome, there isn’t a dedicated app. Here’s the Hangouts extension covering my dock, something no other app on the Mac does: The app version behaves weirdly too: it shows up on every desktop by default, something no other app does.

The fact that there is both an extension and an app called “Hangouts” that serve the same function but behave completely differently is bad enough, but the way neither behaves like a proper Mac app makes it so much worse.

Why not populate a folder with “Apps” that are mostly bookmarks, all of which require Chrome to open?

Having said that, over the years I’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable with how much information Google has about me.

My Gmail account is an archive of my communications, for example, and search is basically an extension of my conciousness.

And you don’t have to take my word for it: open up the Activity Monitor on your Mac, then head to the “Energy” section.

Open some tabs in Chrome and the same ones in another browser – Chrome will almost always use more energy for the same job.

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