Updating an old brick fireplace senior dating Horsens

This DIY brick whitewash or german smear technique took me about 2 hours, maybe a little less. There are BUNCHES of different looks for painted brick, whitewashed brick, mortar washed or german smear brick. Scour Pinterest for a while, and pin a couple of your favorite looks.The technique you will use depends ENTIRELY on the look you’re going for.I’d describe the desired consistency to be that of honey. With your bucket or mortar ready, gloves on, and another bucket of water close by, take your sponge and wet it with water. Frequently step back from your wall and check it out. Then get some clean water on your sponge and wipe some off. So don’t freak out too much…you should be able to fix any “mistakes”.Not dripping wet, but wet enough that if you wanted to squeeze water out, you could easily. **KEY MOVE: After I was fairly happy with the coverage I had on the wall, it still looked a bit contrived.We don’t want to mess up your floors while fixing up your walls.Following the directions on the package, mix your mortar. We have approximately 48 sq ft of brick on this fireplace wall.And for that much brick, we only ended up using approximately 1/3 of the bag.*If you are going to do the mixing in batches (we started by mixing 1/2 of the bag, and didn’t even need the rest), then make sure you are applying the mortar in RANDOM locations all around the wall, and NOT just in one quadrant or location of your brick wall. I wanted the brick color to come through here and there, and I wanted the brick in other areas to be white.

There was a whole wall of NOTHINGNESS there before.

THIS LOOK IS NOT for everyone, but personally, I LOVE the charm and personality and depth/texture/what-have-you it added to this space.

So if you dig it too, don’t be too nervous to try it.

Dave and our brother Troy (of Nashville Flipped fame, framed this thing up…that’s Troy in the shot below.

Once the framing was done, Dave and I installed the brick. When it was done being installed and grouted (we used THIS sanded grout), this is what we had.

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