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Gay and straight porn addicts also act out in similar ways, “losing themselves” in a seemingly endless online array of intensely stimulating graphic imagery – much of it user-generated thanks to the proliferation of webcams and HD cameras.

It has also played a significant role in the de-stigmatization of homosexuality – especially among younger people. Unfortunately, the Internet has also facilitated sexual acting out for many gay men.As the accessibility, affordability, and most importantly the anonymity of pornography, online sex, and in-the-flesh encounters has increased, so too has the number of gay men struggling with problematic patterns of sexual behavior.For these men, even seemingly benign online activities can present a danger.A friend of mine used to do heroin, and he described to me one time what it was like, and it’s Drugs and Sex Writing a blog about gay men and sexual addiction without also mentioning concurrent drug abuse would be a great disservice.The simple fact is sex addicts often struggle with multiple addictions.

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