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Most people on this website only go here to vote for one person that they already had in their minds, so it's no surprise that an underground rapper like DOOM with a narrower fan base than most is down here. Any member of Wu-Tang (the greatest music group ever) should not be at 53.

If you by some miracle are reading this, please listen to at least one or two MF DOOM songs, maybe off of the album Madvillainy, and then come back and tell me with a straight face he isn't in the top ten. I mean, How High should automatically make him higher on the list (no pun intended). - Ai J Nelly Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr., known professionally as, Nelly, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, investor, and occasional actor from St.

He was a close childhood friend of rapper Eminem, who lived on the same block, ..more. he would of been much more famous by now - eatmaxeat What 106 he should be 1st he was part of d12 and should of lived, would be so famous by now but he's not the only person that remember him is eminem with his tributes 'your never over' d12 split up because he died so he was oblivious a big loss "Searching For Jerry Garcia" is a great album! However, besides this stumble Ghostface has given the world Supreme Clientele, Fishscale, More Fish, Apollo Kids and The Pretty Toney Album, plus his contributions to the greatest rap group ever, The Wu-Tang Clan (which is another completely different list). but I'd have a hard time leaving him out of top ten.

Ghostface Killah, has been in the rap game for a long time now, but shows no signs in slowing down, giving him a champion status in hip hop. - jimmyshoe85 A great artist that paint vivid pictures. That is what captivates you and you keep the record playing over and over until you get the slang.

It is my hope that some people who still haven't discovered this genius come across him very soon. Amazing rapper with a conscience and a great style. 99 that's so dumb he shoukd be in the top 30 just please listen to dream house He's really good in almost every track he's in.To fully ensure that you are happy with this product. Where you will pay only .00 to unlock all the features in the software.You will be able to use all the modules and we will use the trial period to make sure the software works for your needs.We have a one-off membership, that means that you will only pay 1 time, all modules and bonuses, for only 0.00 .This account is good because we are adding more modules to the software, and the prices will increase. After you make your payment, you will receive an email from JVZoo with a link where you can create your account.

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