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Marie shrieked, as pain enveloped her full, right breast and she was snapped out of her dream-like state of disbelief. The hard flesh of the male bodies they had seen whipped before offered nothing like this.

The man to her left, his strap in his left hand then struck his implement into the same place on Marie's left breast with a similar result. "I want all of her breasts lashed", said the officer.

The men collected their straps once more and took up their positions to continue.

"The last fifteen of this phase are to be laid upon flesh not yet harmed", came the command.

If people like it, I will send the entire story to Ralphus to post in full in the stories section.

There were a few moments of silence save the sobbing of the young woman. The hooded man to Marie's right, his strap in his right hand, drew back his arm first.

We write essays, research papers, term papers, course works, reviews, theses and more, so our primary mission is to help you succeed academically.------------------------------ Bill K: The photo you posted comes from Inquisition Live; specifically it was from a photo set called Cecilia.To my knowledge there was never a video of this, and there was no BATS finale.Some wondered if she had been specially selected for the size of her bosom and if she might not, in fact, be entirely innocent. Her chest heaved as she took in great gasps of air. Effectively, because of the size of the clamps and in order to have maximum grip and ensure they could not be torn loose, they were attached to the big aureoles which surrounded the nipples themselves.A new shriek erupted from the young victim's mouth.

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