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Bill Klein and Jen Arnold are just like your average couple – except they’re both under 4 feet tall!They’ve faced not only the struggles of two little people in an average-sized world, but are starting a family with their two adorable, adopted children. Je Wjs R Playing favorites with @nateberkus 💘 The interior design standout and best-selling author brings his unmistakable eye and curates an oh. #Nate Berkus JYumu N Have we talked about how much I love lighting - the more custom, the better. Warm metals like gold and brass come across rich and textured alongside cool metals like silver and K1u Holiday entertaining fails happen to the best of [email protected] and I share ours with @Arch Digest.

In each episode we learn from the mistakes of their clients as these designer husbands rescue them from renovation nightmares.The series follows renowned interior designers and husbands Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent as they help distressed homeowners turn renovation failures into dream homes, while juggling married life and parenting their 2-year-old daughter Poppy.In each hourlong episode, the duo use their talent and design know-how to help homeowners who are novices in the midst of DIY disasters or inescapable renovation wrecks.The Valastro’s know drama, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing like famiglia.Matt & Amy Roloff enlist the help of their four children Jeremy, Zack, Molly & Jacob to help expand the business of Roloff farms.

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    Even though the event has gotten bigger, ticket prices are the same as in prior years.