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"Dre's absolute genius, there's more where that's come from," Ambrosius says.Meanwhile, her sultry singing side found itself on sessions for a VP label tribute to late reggae great Dennis Brown, covering his "Have You Ever." Ambrosius got a call from the Brown family and was happy to sing a song that reminded her of her youth, "when I didn't have a job, didn't have to do the dishes, didn't have responsibilities, and could just play." Singing to nothing but a metronome, Ambrosius made the Brown track into a delicious vocal workout worthy of any in her solo catalog - an oeuvre that is stalled, but not stilled, by her current business. ' Our fans seem to feel about us like I do about A Tribe Called Quest.But the dynamic duo came to an end in 2006, much to the disappointment of their fans – and Stewart.“By the end of 2006, I weighed less than eight stone, through sheer pressure and stress,” the poet recalls.THE START of this year served as somewhat of an awakening for Natalie Stewart.

Along with a soulful solo career that yielded stirringly adult, sexually proactive, and big-selling albums (2011's - tracks such as "Darkside/Gone," "Satisfaction," and "Genocide" (the latter penned with Kendrick Lamar).

There, they worked with a host of artists including Jill Scott, Bilal and Michael Jackson, after Ambrosius penned the hit song Butterflies, which appeared on the King of Pop’s 2001 album, Invincible.

As a duo, Floetry released two critically acclaimed albums – Floetic (2002) and Flo’Ololgy (2005) – and through the pairing of Ambrosius’s sweet vocals and Stewart’s powerful prose, the soulful duo won legions of fans throughout the world.

The only thing was, she didn’t say that; she didn’t share that. A lot of things were done in secret, which really wasn’t necessary. It was incredible that this song Marsha had written was chosen to be on Michael Jackson’s album. But the situation also brought a lot of sharks and a lot of whisperers.

PARTNERS IN RHYME: Floetry AKA Marsha Ambrosius (left) and Natalie Stewart She adds: “But things only go as they’re supposed to go and sometimes, we have to humble ourselves to that and find things out when we’re supposed to.” After Floetry’s disbandment, Stewart remained active on the performance poetry circuit and then went on to release her debut solo album Floetic Soul in 2010, followed by albums The Floacist Presents Floetry Re: Birth (2012) and Rise of the Phoenix Mermaid (2014).

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