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But the beauty of waiting frames the mystery of life. Greg Smith's thrilling moment came last year as the Braves of Bradley upset the unbeaten, nationally ranked Louisville Cardinals. But as he puts it, "I'd rather play against the big men." Smith calls the fieldhouse the "center of attention." He said, "I can't find a better place to play; the greatest fans in the world are right on top of you." 14 Jim Caruthers "Jumpin" Jimmy Caruthers became the 18th member of Bradley's elite 1000 point club last year. Since coming to Bradley, Smith's honors include All-MVC as a sophomore, honorable mention All-MVC as a junior and two-time winner of the William Dobler Free Throw Award. At 6'5", Smith is one of the smallest centers in the conference. But for most of us, the nightmare is probably those three pounds we've put on over the semester from being lured by an inviting aroma to that hidden cubby- hole in the Student Center known as the SWEET SHOPPE. "I never did know the regular customers by name, but as soon as I saw that familiar face, I'd think, 'Pis- tachio's , or Spicettes', or whatever the student was addicted to," says Mrs. 16 Round and round the lot in search of a place Where to park it: that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to search for a spot farther away from the building and arrive late, or just take that faculty place ahead there, or — horrors — a spot marked with X! "It's only when departments hold special conferences, or an activity in the Student Center or Field-house that brings hundreds or at times thousands of visitors on campus that we have problems," Director of Security David Baer explained. "Once last year we had 3,000 farmers in the fieldhouse and cattle cars, trucks, vans, and anything else that moved parked all over campus. We know there aren't enough places available." For the 800 student places existing on campus, approx- imately 1,760 decals have been issued out for the year 75-76, making the parking place/parkers ratio about 2.2/1, while the faculty place/faculty ratio runs fairly close to 1 to 1.

"Final exam times is when everyone has the munchies, reported Mrs. "Sometimes the kids will be a penny or 2e short for the tax, but I d say that 99% of those who promise to come back and pay do so." Since November of '75, Mrs. Since coming to Bradley, Caruthers has been named M. Jim has also been named to the second team All-MVC the past two years, and last year he was awarded the William Dober Award for best free throw percentage. Caruthers used just one word to describe what it's like playing for Bradley — "Great," Jim praised Coach Joe Stowell for giving him the opportunity to play as a freshman. It's funny, though, how you never notice how addicted you've become to the place your- self until you realize, embarrassingly, that she's weighing out candy for you before you even ask for it. "No, make that red licorice today instead of black," I said, turning red, myself.

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