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I was hoping to talk to Norah about this new information, but no one was home. Undaunted, I decided to park my car by the side of the road, enjoy the countryside, and at least walk around in the townland of Derreennascooba where I knew my ancestors to be from.That is when I chanced upon Margaret Kerrigan and found the Foy farm.Go down the road, turn left at the Y, and go to the fifth house on the right.This is a rural area, so there are no street numbers.The day before the Discovery, I had driven from Cootehill, County Cavan, in a small Opel Corsa rented in Dublin.I was staying at the Millhill House Bed and Breakfast run by Breege and Tom Scahill outside of Castlebar just south of the Westport Road.

I had met Michael, a genial conversationalist, 18 months earlier on my first trip to Ireland.It was just south of Killawalla (the official name is Killavally), which consists of St.Patricks Church, a grammar school, a cemetery, Mc Evillys Pub, and Walshs Shop, near the Mayo County seat of Castlebar and the town of Westport.Redirecting my attention, I looked up and told her I was from America looking for my Foy ancestors. His mother, Mary Maisie Foy, had married Thomas Kerrigan, Sr.The woman said, But, this is the Foy farm right here." The woman was Margaret Kerrigan. The farm had belonged to Maisie's father Patrick Foy, who inherited it from his father John Foy, who in turn had inherited it from Thomas Foy. My wife was on a trip with her girl friends, this time China.

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