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Her obsessive anger following those failures drove her to spend a year on her , apparently missing the second meaning. This 53,000-word apologia epitomizes why I left academia.Sadly, this kind of sloppy, vindictive nonsense passes as scholarship today, especially at the Unfair methods: intellectual dishonesty and media manipulation Though there are many, many more examples, I want to note at the onset one key instance of Alice Dreger’s intellectual dishonesty in service of her personal vendetta against me.With Mother’s Day the next day, Dreger must have been feeling a bit sentimental about being a mommy as she blogged about me: Alice Dreger contacts me by email to make sure I had seen her blog, hypocritically advising me to “consider toning down (better yet, ending) your attacks.” Dreger also mentions an email I sent in 1998 to Anne Lawrence was connected with Lawrence's erotic interest in ritualized genital modification (which Lawrence describes as "autogynephilia," a sex-fueled mental illness made up by Ray Blanchard).Based on Dreger's misinterpretation of my first-blush response to Lawrence's introduction to the concept From: "Alice Dreger, Ph.

In response to my post I also ended up talking with Anne Lawrence, who forwarded me an email you sent her in 1998.What’s a part-time minor academic with no upcoming projects or funding to do?Hack journalists want to be in their stories, and hack historians long to make themselves part of history.Dreger’s claims that I have made “explicit threats” against her are patent nonsense. The all-transgender is obviously a disingenuous tactic.Dreger just needed a nemesis to inject herself into this faded controversy and to make her involvement more melodramatic.

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