Green card dating

The best and most reliable advice is always from a good immigration lawyer. From what I understand, they will eventually transfer our case to the National Visa Center, at which point the process will finally begin.

Q: I’m a US citizen trying to get my husband a Green Card. Part of this process will include the National Visa Center asking about my salary. Or is our application purely based on determining that our marriage is a real one?

You will get AP stamped on your Employment Authorization Card (they no longer send out a card just for AP, it is combined with the EAD card).

So you should also apply for I-765 employment authorization with your I-485, since it is free and its the same card anyway.

The biometrics appointment is typically 1 month AFTER you receive the I-797C notice of action saying that USCIS has received and is processing your application. Second, on Affidavit of support, I live with my daughter and never worked in USA nor filed tax return. Is my status of not filled tax here jeopardize my kids GC application?

I don’t believe each field office has its own timelines. Q: I’m a GC holder and sponsored my daughter and son. Do I need to back fill tax even if I never had an income?

Also have a good excuse during the interview why she came on a tourist visa and decided to do AOS.

A: How did you sponsor your daughter if you never worked nor filed any taxes?

Did you have a big savings account to demonstrate that you can support them in America? If your daughter is in America in another status and is earning money, then I suppose you can use her income to attempt to qualify for your son’s GC.

Considering above, my husband insist I stay in US and he files the I-130 for me, I-130 for my 13 yrs old son (who is abroad with my parents), together with me filing I-485.

What is the quickest and cheapest (fees-wise) way to adjust the status and bring to live with us my 13 yrs old son, who already has B2 valid for next 2 years ? A: Your husband just needs to file 1 I-130 which would indicate that you and your child will be sponsored for a green card.

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