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The Spaniards first kill all the aborigines and then try to defend it against the British with their slaves brought from Ghana. The Ghanaian slaves decide to hide in the woods and the island falls into the hands of the British.

In the centuries that follow, they fill Jamaica with Angolan and Indian slaves.

As a result, DJs and musicians begin to express their dissatisfaction through an, on purpose, somewhat slower variant of Ska, named Rocksteady.

The languid music allows for loads of emotion to be put in the vocals and even to the adding of beautiful choral harmonies.

The ten-day Shilpgram Festival which starts from 21 Dec to 30 Dec pulls in a large number of people interested in arts and crafts.

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After several years of experiencing and adapting, this results in Jamaica’s own music genre: Ska.Music fans regularly travel back and forth to this American city to buy single LPs of the popular Rhythm and Blues bands and artists.Back in Jamaica they then play those LPs during parties and celebrations.One is the danceable Mento, which is very popular until 1950.When the small radio sets become affordable in the fifties, however, Jamaica turns into an island of Rhythm and Blues that is emitted from nearby New Orleans.

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