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Antonio was obviously just trying to use him or something - right? -Editando errores-Debido a un pequeño "accidente", Romano comienza a evitar el contacto con España, hasta que un día, casi un año después, decide visitarle por mera pereza a cocinar, dándose cuenta poco después de que iba a ser 12 de febrero y que el español no le iba a dejar huir. A hot breath caressed his skin and his heart slammed in his chest. Romano and Feliciano Vargas have just lost their parents. " "So the mermaids don't drag you off."Antonio ha decidido dejar de buscar el amor. She is currently on a carriage roof being strangled by a man she punched in the face.

Besides, five years is a long time to wait for someone as stingy as Lovino. Feliciano es un pacífico miembro de la resistencia italiana, enamorarse de un piloto alemán era lo que menos esperaba, y tendrán que poner a prueba su lealtad, asi como su corazón, al límite. (Spamano y un poco de Gerita)Lovino had done it; he had made it onto national television as a news journalist. He even hired a groundskeeper to tend to the massive garden he'd been left with. I don't own Hetalia, but I sure as hell wish I did."You trust your Master, don't you? The need to feel teeth bite into his flesh thrummed painfully through his veins. Romano, who is 22, must care for his 6 year old little brother. Está harto, exhausto, hastiado, de que ninguna relación le salga bien. If he were a regular knight, he would be charging through the castle doors to rescue the fair maiden.

Volume one will be entitled “FROM MASAI MARA TO DA NANG: MEMOIRS OF A WORLD TRAVELER” and is scheduled for publication in 2013.

Lovino refuses to fall for the man's devious advances. hasta que encontró cierta cafetería regentada por cierto español... :3[Human AU] If she were a regular damsel in distress, she would be waiting quietly in that castle to be rescued by her Prince Charming.

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Extended versions of my memoirs will be presented in a three-volume “Personal Trilogy” autobiography.

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