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"A Narrative of Remark- able instances of a Particular Faith and Answers of Prayers, &c. Adams, John, of Braintree, Mass., President of the United States, s.

"Loose fragments of journal upon scraps of paper, scarcely legible, from Nov.

A record of marriages, deaths, baptisms, admissions to the church ; really church records but are in private ownership.

Recollected by him in his spare hours, &c." In this MS.

A journal of three years spent in Europe, especially the social life, dinners, receptions, &c.

Almanac with interleaved notes relating to matters in Lynnfield, weather, ordination services, &c.

Extracts were published in the "Journal and Correspondence of Miss Adams," New York, 1841, edited by her daughter.

Adams and the committee of the parish, the date of his ordination and the organization of the church, as well as the usual records of births, marriages and deaths." Gives his own family record, a long record of baptisms and admissions to the church, also marriages.

of Joseph and Prudence (Pratt) Adams of Framingham ; bp.

Its chief value will be I suspect the light it may throw upon the military history of Holliston, Mass.

"Consists of a brief account of the weather from day to day, the movements of the writer who I think was a non-commissioned officer in the Massachusetts troops and occasionally a very short description of military operations.

Abijah Perry's Regiment and was in camp at Winter Hill.

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