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God sends it to you in sign of his forgiveness." As the whole village began to talk about this holy child, even Hortense began to soften her feelings toward her.

She even invited Germaine back to the house but Germaine had become used to her straw bed and continued to sleep in it.

As she began to beat her, Germaine opened her apron.

Out tumbled what she had been hiding in her apron -- bright beautiful flowers that no one had expected to see for months.

Watching their mother's treatment of their half-sister, they learned how to despise and torment her, putting ashes in her food and pitch in her clothes. Hortense did finally get concerned about Germaine's sickness -- because she was afraid her own children would catch it. The only warmth Germaine had on frozen winter nights was the woolly sheep who slept there too.

The only food she had were the scraps Hortense might remember to throw her way.

Instead of being lonely, she found a friend in God.

She didn't know any theology and only the basics of the faith that she learned the catechism.

about her relationship with her famous relatives, saying that she was closest with Kendall and Kylie because they’re “closest in age.” She was also quick to admit that her family life was the “exact opposite” of that of the Kardashians and Jenners, saying, “We are crazy, but we do normal people stuff.

Every day, without fail, she would leave her sheep in God's care and go to Mass.

Villagers wondered that the sheep weren't attacked by the wolves in the woods when she left but God's protection never failed her.

He didn't even interfere when Hortense poured boiling water on Germaine's legs.

With this kind of treatment, it's no surprise that Germaine became even more ill.

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