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What is most interesting about this case is the lack of actual evidence.

The Polish government has formed a commission to investigate the matter.

Now the behavior of the Polish government in this case is astonishing!

Rather then, at very least waiting for the final results of their own investigation, the government decided that a single book written by a single scholar in a foreign nation, is all the evidence they need, to admit guilt to these crimes.

Historically, Poland has always displayed a tolerance uncommon amongst her European neighbors.

The Article decides to call the NOP "only alittle" fascist.Surprisingly many Jews reacted with anger to the apology, claiming that the role of the Polish people was underplayed.A number of Jewish leader believed that this is forcing the Polish people to reexamine themselves as victims and to admit their role in the Holocaust.NOP's response to this was that the article states "only alittle" truth.I think they are just Nationalist, otherwise Fascists wouldn't gain such support in Poland. I've read some newsarticle where one of the NOP representatives is interviewed.

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