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To get away from a break up with his year-long casual partner Carrie, who sets his apartment on fire, Hank visits California to write the script for Santa Monica Cop starring rapper Samurai Apocalypse.

He also comes to blows with Becca's boyfriend Tyler, an inspiring writer who shares several characteristic traits with a young Hank Moody.

After causing writer/professor Richard Bates to compromise his sobriety, Hank is recruited as a creative writing college professor in his place.

During a short visit by Karen, it is decided that Hank and Becca will finally move back to New York with her.

Hank apparently impregnated his mother, Julia, just before he met Karen.

While trying to connect with his son, Hank becomes one of several writers on the television adaptation of Santa Monica Cop.

Hank becomes fast friends with rock music producer Lew Ashby, who recruits the writer to pen his biography.

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Over two years later, Hank has been living in New York City while Karen is in California and married to Richard Bates, with Hank surprisingly accepting of the marriage.

In his pursuit to become a writer, he moved to New York City; and eventually, his talent and gift were noticed by the literary community.

Hank met Karen Van der Beek at CBGB and soon after she became pregnant in 1994, later giving birth to their daughter, Becca.

During a stay in New York for his father's funeral, Hank writes a manuscript drawing from his encounter with Mia.

When the only copy falls into the hands of Mia, she slightly alters it and tries to have it published as her own; Fucking & Punching sees much interest from the publishing world.

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