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Our favorite Palos Hills High School students are heading into the final stretch of senior year and will have to start dealing with the future, which Brett Davern reveals will bring a lot of change for Jake, especially in light of his rejection and hook-up with Gabby.

“The reason he couldn't tell Matty at the end of the last episode ...

Ashley Rickards' first big break wasn't her buzz-worthy role on the teen saga One Tree Hill, or even her critically praised gig on the high school hit Awkward, MTV's flagship comedy series. But my cat has a stroller, so I'll probably put her in that. Of all your past Halloween costumes, which is your favorite? I didn't fly, obviously, but I put on a penguin suit, and then I threw on a jetpack. But there's a great quote that says "Fashion is art you can wear." And I think that's exactly what it is.

It was being gifted with a super-high IQ (seriously, she's a Mensa member) that allowed her the chance to graduate high school at the ripe age of 15, putting her on the fast track to becoming a silver screen talent. My best friend in the world is so far removed from the industry, and the other day she was like, "Are you like, a legit actress? I just really enjoy going to Target, playing with my cat, and staying in on Friday. And this is the perfect time for me to say this: I am against sexy Halloween costumes. So I wear things that inspire me, things that are expressive and full of life.

Over three seasons, your character, Jenna Hamilton, has toyed with the hearts of three different guys. In past seasons, Jenna fell into the '70s and never came back.

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There's always an opportunity to move the message forward, and tell girls that limits are just so ancient.Debbie inquires what will happen with them once she gives birth.When Larry answers that they could remain friends, she furiously leaves the class.He is accompanied by another woman, whom Debbie assumes, at first, is his sister.But Larry goes on to explain that she is another woman he's dating.

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