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Got married to Nancy Sinclair from Newcastle in the WRAC stationed at Fayid. Hi Charlie, I was delighted on Saturday / Sunday when not being able to sleep I logged on and found an email from Alan Rose who had found my details on your site. Eric Todd.15 October 07 Hi Charlie, Once again I have had the pleasure of receiving an email on Saturday 13th Oct 07. namely Don Maddocks who worked in Station Headquarters. He had been looking through the 'Where are you now' list and spotted my name. It is great to hear from old friends after so many years. I seem to recall the Squadron to have been something like 205 or 206 but am not sure. Everyone had to draw their weapons for cleaning, these would be randomly inspected the next day by the Orderly Officer or R. I came home on the Empire Fowey and left Port Said 29th April 1956. Also, any 84 Sqn members from the Valetta era can contact Andy at Following the discovery of his briefcase containing nearly sixty years of personal belongings, I am researching the history of Captain Crisswell who served in the R. Anyone from those happy days still on this mortal coil. Together with Adrian (Harry) Wansborough we have been trying to find members of this band. He lives about a mile from me and was a storeman at RAF Fayid. Bye for now from Chris the Yorkshireman now living in Hampshire. I have noticed a couple of pictures that appear on this website's 'Photo Album' with my father featured in them and I am keen to fine out more information.We know that five have passed away, six are in contact, the other fourteen are 'who knows? As I'm quite busy at the moment it will a few days before we can get together. Just found this site and wondered if anyone remembers my father, Dennis Brewster. Sadly he died last year and I cannot show him this website. I know they may not have a computer and therefore be unable to see this website page, but I feel they have to be somewhere and it would be lovely to have contact with them again. - as he says in his email he cannot believe, like me, that all the others have passed away. Page three 205 Group Communications Flight Ground Crew, August 1955, my father is forth in from the left back row, and on page thirteen two chaps pictured on the old Canal Road, my father is the one on the right. I was once late picking up CSM Jeffries and caused him to be late on parade for one of those monthly full turn-outs, in front of the whole camp.Some background that may help: He was born in the Speke area of Liverpool in 1929; 5ft 10 with very dark wavy hair. He began his training with the Kings Liverpool Regiment in early 1947 at Harrington Barracks, Freshfield near Formby. Kind Regards, Diana Booth I thought my dad would be happy if I could find some information on the internet for him relating to the time he spent in Egypt during his National Service. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers or encountered us on our journeys around the place. I'm an ex-Serviceman myself, now trying to find a little bit of information about his time in the R. I would like to hear from anyone who served in the North Staffs in Egypt from 1948-1950. Returning to my unit after seven weeks I found it had been disbanded and my mates gone and no time to say good bye. Would love to hear from any of the chaps who were at Deversoir at that time. 30 March 2008 Thank you for posting my details on the site. When I think of the soccer matches on the only grass pitch in the area at that time it makes me fancy a ‘Stella’, the bottle type not a female!He was then sent down to Portsmouth and also spent time at Thatcham near Reading . His home at that time was in a small village called Hurst Green near Clitheroe Lancs. (Lawrence's daughter ) I was the camp minstrel and played guitar and sang all round the Moascar Garrison and also had a residency on saturday nights at Alex`s bar in Ismailia. I was in 'C' Company with CSM Joff Compton (Bonehead). I know it’s a long time but you never know, some one could remember me. Dad is now 76 and in pretty good health, he has asked me to try to find some people he can remember. (Includes postings to RAF Shaibah, Iraq, 13 July 1951 to 26 October 1951 and Moascar North Water Filtration Plant, 8 December 1951 to 29 February 1952.) I packed the emergency 'chute used by F/Lt. As far as I am aware he was in the Militray Police at Geneifa. After I had been with the 2nd Battalion for about four months, I managed to scrounge a transfer to R. Especially the Equipment team that won the six aside cup and the station rugby team. Mar 52 Oct 54 If you are still around chaps, please get in touch. So far I have made contact with two of the RAF Kasfareet people in your listings and had good messages from them although we don't actually know each other. Before being stationed in the Zone I was at West Kirby, Wilmslow and Wellesbourne Mountford. I look forward to any contact from anyone from that time; enjoy the rest of your life. Hello there Charlie, Chris Wike here from Southampton with some good news.

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The TAKE THAT singer will rival workout gurus such as JOE WICKS and DAVINA Mc CALL by launching his own fitness boot camp, which will also offer tips on healthy eating.Just think without the internet I don 't think any of us would have connected. Fayid that I was in, sleeping about three beds away from me. We lost touch long ago, because at that time very few people had phones in their houses, and from memory none of the three of us were very good letter writers. The only information I can fathom is from my father's service book and scribblings on the back of old photographs, such as, - one taken by "that tree", - MELF 27, 1 Div. As far as I can work out, he had made it to Lance Corporal by, or during, that period, eventually to Sergeant some time later. I am now trying to research his service in the Zone.So once again thanks and I check the web site frequently. Peter Brown.--------------------------------- 20 April '08 Hi Charlie, Once again I must praise your column because I have heard from Peter Uterhark, who was in the same billet at R. I often wonder what they are up to, and if they remember the scrapes we used to get up to.................where are they now? In 1949 we lived in the Married Quarters at Ismailia.I visit the site at least once a fortnight to see whats new. Oh incidentally, whilst in Cyprus on a scheme, I managed to shoot the gear stick off a One ton Humber truck with a 303 rifle. I was involved with the RAF Fayid Ballet and Opera Circle on Thursday nights at the YMCA.It is fantastic for us Veterans to see so many places where we spent a period of our lives. with Bill, Alan, the two Peters, and 'Long John Collier' who I have just recently visited, and anybody else I may have forgotten.

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