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So what do all of these stats and percentage points mean for the community itself?

Numbers are important, but as in most cases, quality over quantity matters much more.

12 and has already received glowing reviews from NPR and The Chicago Tribune.

Windy City Times hopped on the phone with Griffith for a chat about martial arts, nervous English housewives and the challenge of writing bisexuals.

But if we take a closer look, are these fan favorite shows being brought back to fill a void that current TV series are leaving behind as they shy away from blatant sexuality labels?

Her sixth and most recent novel, Hild ( a thick, gold-embossed item containing the tumultuous life story of Saint Hilda, a gifted young leader and warrior of 7th-century England ), was released Nov.

I think bisexuals are underrepresented in a realistic way. Almost like it really happened, like a news report. It's like Google Glass—an overlay on their world and an internal change. UPDATE: Due to health reasons, Griffith had to cancel her visit to Chicago, which was to have been Dec. About WCMG Contact Us Online Front Page Windy City Times Nightspots OUT!

I think they're overrepresented for the male gaze. It's just a story of a person who happens to like girls. WCT: What you want people to come away with when they close the back cover of the book? I want it to be fiction in such an immersive way, that Hild's experience is their experience, her joys are their joys.

It's the handsomest looking book, it's the best launch, it's the best reception I've ever had. My first book came out 20 years ago, so it may have been received very well but I didn't know about it because I didn't have a website, a Twitter, a Facebook.

WCT: Hild is set in the early middle ages and based on an actual person, which seems to be a departure from some of your previous sci-fi and crime works.

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