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I did get lucky enough to make some life-long friendships with a couple of the producers, but for the most part, they have a “job” to do and their job is to get the drama going, and they will do whatever it takes.When I got sent home, I refused to talk in the limo and my producer tried so hard to get me to talk — she begged, she cried, and she told me that her job was on the line if I didn’t talk. " data-reactid="65"Burning Question: How do the producers on Un REAL compare to the real-life producers you worked with on The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad? Very warm and compassionate, and you really think that they are your true friends.Emotions boil over during Nick Viall's date with Corinne and Taylor on The Bachelor's Monday, January 30, episode, as seen in a sneak peek.The ABC dating series' preview clip shows the ladies heading out on a dreaded two-on-one.

She says no, we can’t go, everyone will get ready for haldi and go, we will look joker.

Burning Question: Are the women on The Bachelor really not allowed to get out of the limo to pee during shooting?

Melissa Schreiber Says:  I will never forget being brought to Bachelor Pad in the minivan — not limo.

He says I want to work hard and do a job, I didn’t lose courage, I didn’t start stealing, sorry of you felt wrong. Naira stops him and asks where will you go at this time. Rjshri asks Naira to come and help them in preparing Naksh’s haldi.

He says I have to see how much time will you trapped in my web. Bhabhimaa says we have less work, we will leave it. Dadi asks them to decide about haldi, it will happen in temple.

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