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Since the printed portion has been waiting in the Press for a very long time, it has now been decided to issue it as Part I of volume XIII of the Epigraphia Carnatica. The abbreviation^ nsed for the Taluks found after the nnmber of the volnme of Epigraphia Carnatica aie given below.

The preparation of this Index was, however, actually commenced in 1908 under the then head of the department Mr. Owing to the cbanges in the staff and the consequent dislocation of work, onl}^ pages I to 376 consisting of the letters A to K have thus far been printed. The remaining portion of the Index is under verification and will be published in due course. The letter ‘ I ’ staiids for the Introducto ry portion of the volnme and the number that comes after it indicates the page of the Introductory portion in which the word is found.

Cb, 48 Akkaha-devn, queen of Taila-Santara, Rant : k., AGII, Sa.

m., Akkasale-Marappa, m., Akkasaligar, peo., Akkatti-yandar, sthaiilka 01 ’ XII.

227 Abhayachandrasiddhantika-chakravarti, Jaiua teacher, XII.

323 Abha 3 'anandi-paiidita-deva, Jaina- teacher, VI.

Presented to the LIBRA RY oj the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO by MBS. The letters L to the end will form the II Part of this volume. The numbers thiit follow the abbreviations of the Taluks stand for the niunbers of the Inscriptions in the Taluk, in which the word occurs.

CLARICE HITCH Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2017 with funding from University of Toronto https://archive.org/details/p1epigraphiacarnat13myso X f Mysore Archceolog ical Survey EPIGRAPHIA CARNATICA VOL. In the production of a work of this kind many people have co-operated and it is difficult to apportion the responsibility.

90 Ajitasena deva, do,, and disciple of Chandraprabha, III. (Comprising the Taluks of Mysore, Seringapatam, Mandya, T.-Narsipur, Malavalli and Nanjangud). (Comprising Shimoga, Shikarpur, Honnali and Channagiri Taluks). Vij 78 Vr 79 Wit 80 Yel taluk Ummattur village Vijayanagar vrittidar witness Yelahanka GENERAL INDEX TO THE EPIGR^PHIA CARNATICA. Pl sacred place 13 Cho Chola 39 Ling Lingayat 66 Sr senior 14 Co country 40 M male 67 St saint 15 Di di Vision 41 Mah Mahratta 68 Supplt supplement 16 Do ditto 42 Mily military 69 Snr surnamed 17 Dr doctor 43 Min minister 70 Ta tank 18 Dt district 44 Mo mountain 71 Te temple 19 Dy or Dyn dynasty 45 Mt 72 Ti title 20 F female 46 My Mysore 73 Tit it 21 Fa family 22 Fe female 23 Feu feudatory 21 G god 25 G Ganga ‘^6 Gan ,, 7 Gen or Geni general 47 Mys 48 Nol 49 Oppt 50 Peo 51 Pers 52 P. 53 P1 Nolamba opponent people Persian Puranic king place 74 Tq 75 Um 76 Vi 77.

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