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Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages PO Box 10-526 Wellington 6143 Level 3 109 Featherston Street Wellington 6011 Freephone: 0800 22 52 52 (New Zealand only) Phone: ( 64 4) 463 9362 Fax: ( 64 4) 474 8147 Opening hours: Monday to Friday am - pm, except Wednesday am - pm Early Coroners’ Inquest records are erratic, especially before the Justice Department took responsibility for Coroners after the Coroners Act 1858. The first Coroners’ Register/Index book [J 48/1], held in the Register Room, lists some Coroners’ Inquests from returns sent to the Colonial Secretary by regional Coroners.Included are incomplete entries for: Wellington 1844-1862 Nelson 1844-1845, 1848-1853 Otago 1851-1864, 1868-1869 Canterbury 1851-1865 Auckland 1854-1857, 1862 [J 48/1] These records may be found in the first 8 boxes of the Justice Department’s Coroners’ Inquest files, and can be searched for by name on ARCHWAY [J 46] Other early Coroners’ Inquest reports may be found in the archives of the Department of Internal Affairs, in Provincial Government records, or in Justice Department correspondence files.NB: Where possible, this HTML research guide contains direct links to Archway for items and series in the archival reference field.Archives New Zealand holds many records which provide basic life data about individual people.This notice, and payment of the prescribed fee, allowed a certificate (really a marriage licence) to be issued, current for three months.

Coroners’ Inquest Reports are all held in the Wellington office, but probate records are held regionally in the four offices of Archives New Zealand.

After the marriage took place, the minister or registrar had to enter the marriage in a register book and then send a certified copy of the details to the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages, to be entered in a central register.

The Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington holds some Notices of Intention to Marry for 1855. There are a few duplicate holdings of district Notices of Intention to Marry Registers: Coromandel Wardens Court Coromandel Registration District Certificates 1862-1871 [AAAE 15169/1a] Gisborne Supreme Court Intention to Marry Notice Registers 1856-1956 [BAJI 1859] Card Index Intention to Marry Notices 1856-1930 [BAJI 1859] Dannevirke Magistrates Court Marriage Notice Books Dannevirke 1885-1956 [ABPQ W4287/9-33] Marriage Notice Books Norsewood 1874-1955 [ABPQ W4287/3-6] Marriage Notice Books Pongaroa 1903-1956 [ABPQ W4287/7-8] Marriage Notice Book Wainui 1885-1933 [ABPQ W4287/1] Marriage Notice Book Weber 1897-1951 [ABPQ W4287/2] Napier Magistrates Court Marriage Notice Books 1855-1944 [AAOW W3301/150-197] Marriage Notice Book Porongahau 1865-1876 [AAOW W3301/235] Christchurch Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages Akaroa Intentions to Marry 1855-1874 [CAYC CH784] Kaiapoi Marriage Notice Books 1947-1956 [CAYC CH784] Little River Marriage Notice Book 1918-1937 [CAYC CH784] Ellesmere Marriage Notice Book 1871-1876 [CAYC CH784] Cust Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages Registers of Intention to Marry 1878-1969 [CAHP CH14] Rangiora Magistrates Court Registers of Intentions to Marry 1861-1956[CAHP CH14] Timaru Supreme Court Marriage Notice Books 1859-1864 [CAHY CH24] Mt Cook-Fairlie Marriage Notice Books 1875-1956 [CAHY CH648] Pleasant Point Marriage Notice Books 1897-1956 [CAHY CH24] Waimate Marriage Notice Books 1869-1990[CAHY CH648] Waimangaroa Magistrates Court (near Westport) Marriage Notice Books 1894-1964 [CAIS CH62] There are a number of records at Archives New Zealand in Wellington which include some information on death.

Government involvement in recording births, deaths and marriages began in 1847 but records were not standardised or comprehensive until about 1856.

Before 1848 church registers are the primary record of births, deaths and marriages, and they may be useful after that.

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